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  1. How to get rid of aiptaisia and valonia

    From time to time, we see this issue but I'm seeing it often on Reef Addicts. You guys need to update your profile with a Profile Picture and an Avatar picture. That will eliminate this plague in the blogs section, at least.

    Btw, I was tinkering in the back end of the site last night, and I added a new Blog Category: Equipment It seemed like we needed that one to assign to the corresponding blog entries. Please remember to always select the category that matches your entry, as ...
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  2. A taste of Basel, Switzerland - Part 3

    This set of pictures is specifically from Marktplatz. I spent many hours here while living in Basel, because it is the hub for all the stores in Grosse Basel. Basel is divided by the Rhein river, with Klein Basel on one side, and Grosse Basel on the other. Grosse is big, and Kleine is small. From Marktplatz, you can walk in several directions to shop as much as your heart desires and your wallet reaches. Clothing, furniture, food, restaurants, watches, jewelry, toys, music, photography and ...
  3. Back to the reef

    I'm sure you've been wishing I would post some tank stuff again, and quit with the Swiss stuff, but the beauty of this being my blog is that I can talk about whatever I like as much as I like. hehehe

    Still, for today here's more eye candy from my reef.

    These are all new frags that I put in my Frag Tank. The first is a Blasto with some Cyphastrea near the lower right base.

    Candy cane
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  4. A taste of Basel, Switzerland - Part 2

    Today's set of pictures is only from the most famous landmark in Basel. It is the Münster, seen in almost any postcard that is sold. It dates back to 1180 A.D. and is visited by tourists year-round. Here's a write up I found:

    From what I read, there was a bad earthquake in the 1300s that brought down five spires. Imagine that mess. I've known the Münster my whole life, and may have climbed one of the ...
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  5. Usually I don't comment on things like this...

    ... but I saw this on Facebook tonight and couldn't keep quiet. A fish store out of Houston has a 2-gallon pico tank up for sale. It comes with the livestock and gear, for the hefty price tag of $615. The fourth comment is what made me post this.

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    I regularly encourage hobbyists to support their local fish stores because I feel they are a great benefit both in shopping in person as well as the ability to get help when in a crisis. New products ...

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