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  1. DFWMAS Tank Tour - Jan 23, 2010

    This is going to be a long blog, so if you are using your SMARTphone, better switch from 3G to WiFi.

    Here's the schedule for that day. I removed the addresses and phone numbers since they are unnecessary at this point. While we did drive from home to home, the travel time wasn't too bad. Some tanks were a few minutes apart, and a couple were 30 minutes between destinations. I attempted to group them to keep drive times reasonable, ...
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  2. Another year older...

    Today, my father sent me an email and I like this part, so I'm sharing it with the world:

    "In case it's slipped your mind, or perhaps you don't remember that day, but 45 years ago today, a precious little bundle of joy arrived on this planet, destined to make reef hobbyists happy in countries all over the world."

    He's a smart man.

    To celebrate my birthday, I decided to organize a DFWMAS Tank Tour so I could not only hang out with a bunch of my friends ...
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  3. Seattle Trip

    I had a great time this weekend in Seattle. I had the chance to meet a bunch of PSAS members, see a tank or two, visit a few fish stores, steal some socks, fight off a dog that I nicknamed "Licker", devoured steak and halibut, enjoyed the rain and trees, recorded something special for you Reef Addicts... I'll share that stuff in the near future.

    I'm happy to be back home again. My tank looks great, which my son kept an eye on while I was away.
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  4. Uh-oh

  5. Melev's 280g reef - 5.5 years and counting

    • 280g Starfire glass Reef-ready tank
    • 150g sump and refugium built by me
    • Euroreef CS12-2 protein skimmer with two Eheim 1262 pumps
    • Lifereef Calcium Reactor with a flaky Milwaukee pH controller
    • Aqua Controller III to control lighting, heat, and log some parameters, available on the web and my iPhone (AquaNotes App).
    • 55g water changed every two months.
    • 100gpd RO/DI used for top offs and to make more saltwater. My tank evaporates about 5g per day.
    • Kent Sea Salt or Red Sea Pro,

    Updated 01-03-2010 at 09:09 PM by melev

    Tank - Full Summary