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  1. Video: Minor puddle issue

  2. Video: Biopellets - What you need to know

  3. Stop breaking already! Enough, alright?

    Lately, it just seems like one thing after another breaks on the 400g setup. I've been having problems with two MH ballasts within a single month. I'm still trying to get that one sorted out, so for now I've got a Radion providing light where one MH belongs. Thought it was fixed last night, but today no light so the Radion is back on the light rack as of this afternoon.

    Last week, the RO/DI system blew a fitting sending water shooting out in front of my face, and I had to fix that ...
    DIY projects
  4. Fish photos

    I felt the need to attempt to photograph some of my wet pets today.

    Name:  cbb-mandarin-814.jpg
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    Name:  flame-angel-814.jpg
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    Name:  hippo-814.jpg
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    Name:  hippo-w-clowns-814.jpg
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    Name:  lyretail-814.jpg
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    Name:  ocellaris-814.jpg
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    Name:  tammys-clowns-814.jpg
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    Name:  white-tail-kole-814.jpg
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    Name:  yellow-tang-frick-814.jpg
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  5. Video: Setting up the 60g frag system & cycling process

    Despite the cable going out last night during a 2.7 gig upload, this video is online.

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