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  1. Lionfish don't belong in the Atlantic Ocean

    Around Bermuda, lionfish are being studied by divers wearing rebreathers. They need this specialized gear to be able to descend to 200' and have time to stay down long enough to study them more closely. CNN shared the story in today's news:

    While diving last month, Jessica shots this video of a lionfish being taken out by one of our dive party. Lionfish lay 30,000 eggs or more at a ...
  2. A few iPhone pictures from today

    I was looking in my tank today and enjoying the corals. Everyone is about to be moved to the big tank, so I took a few quick pictures to share. What prompted this was my Bubble Tip Anemone, which was actually forming bubbles. I have seven currently, and none have displayed bubbles in a long time, so this half-hearted effort was still different from the norm. It would be nice to know why they have bubbles, and why they lose them.

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    If you look ...
    Tank Entry
  3. Help find a thief ($1000 reward)

    If you've been in this hobby for a while, you've probably heard of or run into Dirk. He brings a truckload of equipment to reef-related events throughout the year. Recently, he was robbed - they took his entire truck and all of his inventory in the process. He's looking for any tips from the saltwater community. If you've run into anyone that seems to have a truckload of drygoods for sale, it may be stolen. This is Dirk.

    Click image for larger version

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    When he sets up, ...

    Updated 10-16-2013 at 11:44 PM by melev

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  4. Best Aquariums To Visit

    This article just came out with which are the better aquariums to visit.

    I've been to five of these, so it looks like I need to visit a few more. Here's my list:

    Dallas World Aquarium
    Georgia Aquarium
    Waikiki Aquarium
    Monterey Bay Aquarium
    Aquarium of the Pacific

    I saw the outside of the National Aquarium once, but there was no time to visit. We ate ...
  5. Pumpkins and Reef Keeping

    What do these two have in common? A week from today, DFWMAS is going to host a fun pumpkin carving event, and the best submissions will win prizes.

    “The Great Pumpkin Carving Contest” takes place Saturday the 19th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the Park in Grapevine. [ link ] This is a family event with fun for everyone. The club will provide pumpkins and carving kits, drinks and snacks. Gift Cards awarded for best: aquatic creation, most creative and comical.

    It's a “Potluck” ...
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