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  1. Video: Cooking Live Rock (not curing)

    In case you aren't subscribed to my channel, here's the latest video:

  2. Not what I would do

    Had a surprise guest tonight. I was working on something and he and his wife showed up at my door to visit. My tanks were all less than stellar because I haven't cleaned the glass lately, and it occurred to him that he could try using his iPhone 7 Plus to take some underwater pictures. My frag tank is low enough for an easy test. So here are three he shared.

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    Name:  hammer-fragtank.jpg
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  3. Video: Gryphon C-40 AquaSaw

    I bought myself this bandsaw over two years ago at the Denver MACNA. It was basically a gift to myself, but I never opened the box until two weeks ago when I started fragging some corals at last. It's pretty impressive, and hence I had to make a video about it.

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  4. Video: BTS at the Birch Aquarium

    I was way too busy last week, so that video is a few days late. But I had a pretty decent excuse...

    Here's the Behind The Scenes footage from the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla, California.

  5. Video: LFS New Wave Aquaria

    Jennifer Nies is a passionate business owner, who has been doing this for twenty years, but you'd never know it looking at her. Here's her story.

    Also, I update you on the Elos Nitrate test kit, which incorrectly tells users to shake the vial for five minutes.
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