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  1. 4 gal pico update

    Quick update on the tank that's headed to my wife's office...

    Tank is currently cycling... has some sort of insane ammonia count.. the API test kit's color comparison reads up to 8ppm, but the color the test kit indicates is significantly darker than that, it's something like a deep forest green/teal... cocktail shrimp + a couple of doses of brine shrimp started that process, still waiting for the nitrite spike though...

    However i took this opportunity to make ...
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  2. Zoanthids not lookin' so hot

    On checking out my tank yesterday evening, i was looking at the zoanthids... I noticed the green guys looked like they've been munched on or are wilting and the red/brown ones had a white patch on them..
    Top arrow points to the "dull looking" one, right arrow points at the "injured" one
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    white patches on the polyps
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    (sorry for the mediocre photos, was using my phone cam)

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  3. DIY 4 Gallon Pico

    I've assembled a small tank that's going to be going into my wife's office at her work. Wanted something small with built in filtration and able to be lit by either a small PC or LED setup.

    Made of acrylic 3/16" -- scraps from TAP Plastics, great for learning on
    total: 9" wide, 9" tall, 11" long, 2.5" of that in the back is going to be used for the built in filtration/pump, probably be using a foam insert just under the overflow ...
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  4. 10 gal acrylic tank

    • 10gal Truvu acrylic tank
    • 150w 14k Phoenix MH HQI + 28w Actinic
    • AquaC Remora HOB Skimmer (MaxiJet 1200) + surface skimmer
    • Vortech MP10w @60% in random reef crest mode
    • Auto top off (Aqualifter) with redundant float switches
    • 20% Water change every 2-3 weeks, RO and oceanic salt
    • ph 8.5, 0 ammonia/nitrite/nitrate
    Had a crash over winter break (Dec '10/Jan '11) -- forgot to plug in ATO, so it's getting back going again, lost everything except for the fish... added the Vortech ...
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