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  1. Day 1247: Three years, 5 months

    If you follow my youtube channel, you've probably heard how I have to get my arms wet and really cull the 400g reef because the growth at the top is shadowing everything beneath, and those things beneath have little chance of living. I hate to have to rip out these big colonies, but there's no choice. Here are a bunch of pictures of the tank today. I've also included some images of the Anemone Cube.

    Biggest thing to happen recently was an alkalinity dip. When I see some coral turn ...
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  2. Not what I would do

    Had a surprise guest tonight. I was working on something and he and his wife showed up at my door to visit. My tanks were all less than stellar because I haven't cleaned the glass lately, and it occurred to him that he could try using his iPhone 7 Plus to take some underwater pictures. My frag tank is low enough for an easy test. So here are three he shared.

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  3. It's that time

    I'm decluttering my reef and things are being pulled, snapped and broken.

    Click image for larger version

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    I've had to make some major changes in the tank today, and have more to go. I knew I wouldn't like it, but when corals grow so big they travel up the viewing panels, you have start ripping some corals out. Lots of pieces are in the frag tank now. The reef is different... and will be even moreso in the next week or two.

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  4. Different angles; a cracked fitting leaked!

    Today, I decided to take a few pictures from different angles that what I'd usually do. This first shot is from the Spidey-Cam. His name is Peter...

    Name:  bench-view-high.jpg
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    These next two images were shot hoping to show the pretty colors of the water's rippling surface.

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    Just a change of pace.

    I did have something strange happen today. When I turned ...

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  5. Eggs!

    Today I noticed this tubeworm feather duster had a cluster of eggs around the tube. Apparently this tubeworm (or another one) spawned and the eggs probably got snagged on the hard tube instead of being washed away into the filtration. Which allowed me to get a picture of them. Neat!

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