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  1. Return pump failure

    I don't know when I got the Dart pump that runs the 400g's return flow (from the sump), but I'm guessing 2011. Maybe it's a newer, because the serial number label doesn't match the image from back then. So maybe 2012. Last night I was working in the tank with the flow off. When I turned on the return pump, it needed a little help to get started - which has been the case for the past week. Using a flathead screwdriver, I can insert it into the driveshaft's slot and give it a small twist and ...

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  2. A snail can make all the difference

    The return assembly going into my reef enters at the right end of the tank, but touches nothing that would allow the clean up crew to get to the plumbing. I designed that portion to be removable so that section's occasional soaking would be relatively easy. However, a couple of weeks ago I decided to park a snail on one return and let it get a meal. Within two weeks, that return is nearly completely clean, while the other shows a striking difference. I'm thinking about putting a second snail ...
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  3. Day 109: Time to replace the floor drain blue discharge hose

    Since a mouse or mice chewed through the blue self-flattening hose in the garage, I had to get a new piece. When I got some in 2011, you had to buy it by the foot requiring a Home Depot employee to cut it and provide you with a ticket to hand to the cashier. Now you just buy a roll. I got a 10' package of "1.5 inch Flat Discharge Hose" for $10, and as I walked to the car I spotted a brand new black zip tie in the parking lot perfect for this project.

    The reason I use this tubing ...
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  4. The 400g is officially running (Blog #500!)

    Last weekend, I spent two days moving livestock and rock from the 215g into the 400g and the 60g tanks, both which were ready and waiting.

    As I'd discussed previously, my original plan was to tie all three tanks together into the common sump so the water would be shared and all parameters would match. The 60g was plumbed into the sump already, but the 400g was running independently, not quite full enough to drain. It had over 300g of saltwater in it, along with sand and rock and ...
  5. Silicone the overflow into the 60g cube and plumbed

    In a previous blog ( link ) I explained how I was securing the internal overflow to the base of the AGE tank. Well, even though it might have worked perfectly, my paranoia gene was flaring up and I kept thinking about how a leak from the base of the aquarium would require a full breakdown to correct the problem. Rather than just hoping for the best, I bought a tube of Aquarium-Safe silicone at Home Depot and applied it to the base of the box and reinstalled it.

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