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DIY projects

Do It Yourself projects

  1. Video: Minor puddle issue

  2. Stop breaking already! Enough, alright?

    Lately, it just seems like one thing after another breaks on the 400g setup. I've been having problems with two MH ballasts within a single month. I'm still trying to get that one sorted out, so for now I've got a Radion providing light where one MH belongs. Thought it was fixed last night, but today no light so the Radion is back on the light rack as of this afternoon.

    Last week, the RO/DI system blew a fitting sending water shooting out in front of my face, and I had to fix that ...
    DIY projects
  3. Create shade barrier between refugium and rest of sump

    I've scoured Reef Addicts and Melev's Reef looking for these pictures, only to find them in my history on facebook today -- at last.

    For many years, I've used foam sheets from Hobby Lobby (most hobby craft stores have these) to keep the refugium light off the rest of my gear. People often think they need colored or black acrylic in their sumps to avoid algae growth in other compartments and within their skimmer / reactors. However, that's really not the case. While we can see light ...

    Updated 07-30-2016 at 02:19 AM by melev

    DIY projects
  4. Ocean-related in-home art

    I met a local artist at Dallas Comic Con events two years ago, and discovered she used to be in the saltwater hobby herself. Lhars Ebersold does some beautiful work, some of which I've shared from her Instagram account from time to time. This is her.

    I hired her to create some special light switch and outlet covers to dress things up here at Melev's Reef, and she did an incredible job. Here are some pictures. ...
    DIY projects
  5. Covering the overflow box

    Back in 2011, I built a black overflow cover for the 400g to avoid nuisance algae growth in that external compartment. Here are a few pictures.

    The Apex probes were inserted through that lid, and the caps of the Durso standpipes poke up through individual openings. It worked quite nicely.

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