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  1. Clean Up Crew article

    A new article can be found on Melev's Reef: I shared my thoughts about what I recommend when it comes to adding the necessary critters to keep your reef looking nice.

  2. Website update

    For the past few days, I've been working with a guy that helped resolve some serious issues ReefAddicts was suffering from. People are reading the content daily, but there were problems. Well over 2500 bogus user accounts had been created, and an ongoing exploit was redirecting people elsewhere when they googled some topic that would have brought them here.

    I'm happy to announce all that has been resolved. Exploits have been eradicated, security patches installed, those "users" have ...
  3. Pegging Corals - how to secure those frags.

    This week's video is about what to do with loose frags.

  4. BTA Care Video

    This week's video is up. If you have questions or input, let me know.

  5. Reefapalooza Orlando video

    Last month, Thomas Brown went around doing interviews with the vendors. However, he doesn't lubricate his interviewees with Crown Royal like we do on Reef Addicts, so I had to mess with him a different way. Thomas did a really nice job editing this video by cutting up those chats into short segments and mixing them up to keep it moving along nicely. You'll be surprised how quickly it is over, and he even included some bloopers. (I think he stole that concept from me!)

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