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For absolute emergencies only

  1. OMG - the 400g is leaking

    I'm sorry to report that the 400g tank is leaking. I was about to go to sleep, and thought I heard water splashing on the floor. And it was, unfortunately.

    I caught this very early, well before the floor drain could work its magic, but for now the 400g has been drained about 50% for the night, and tomorrow I need to make some calls to see who can fix this locally.

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    I'm very unhappy as you can imagine. I have containers of saltwater ...
  2. When you need a tank sitter....

  3. Please take the time to categorize your blogs.

  4. The 280g reef is leaking

    The top left corner of my tank is leaking. Ugh. I'm going to have to figure out what I can do about it today. The carpet is wet in the entry way.

    Update 7:57 pm 7/03/10:

    Here are the pictures I took this afternoon. I didn't take a picture of wet carpet because you know what that looks and smells like. I removed the wooden column on the left side of my tank as soon as I saw how it was soaked with saltwater. I also checked tank salinity, and it has dropped to ...

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