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Propagation - fish & corals

Propagation techniques and results

  1. I need a new frag tank

    I've been talking about building myself a new frag tank system for about nine months or more. I'm just about to commence that project in the coming weeks. The corals that are in the tank right now are demanding more space, and it's pretty awesome to see. The tank has become dominated by a few species, and they are literally growing up the walls and out of the tank. It's becoming a "frag tank" in the singular sense, instead of a tank filled with dozens of frags.

    Here's a bird's eye ...
  2. How does Birdsnest coral spread?

    After a cursory google search, I didn't land on a satisfying answer to how birdsnest shows up in different areas of the tank. It's an easy coral to frag, and can be glued where you like. It can break accidentally and grow where it lands. But how does is show up on the side of some random rock all of a sudden? Are polyps blowing around and landing elsewhere, growing new colonies? If so, that's news to me.

    I spotted this little guy in April. Granted, it's low enough that there is ...
  3. Full moon coincides with Peppermint Shrimp fry release

    Saturday night, just after lights out... I was in the kitchen with the overhead lights on. The reef was already heading into sleep mode, but I noticed my Peppermint shrimp was out and about, very active. I'd noticed a few days ago that she was carrying eggs, and I had a feeling she was getting ready to release them. I'd not witnessed this in a very long time, and quickly dashed off to get my camera to capture the event.

    The tank light was off, so I relied on the flash. Starting off ...
  4. DFWMAS Frag Swap

    April 20, 2013 - Richardson Texas: Our club had the first frag swap of the year inside the community room of the St Barnabas Presbyterian Church on a beautiful Saturday afternoon. About 100 people or more converged on the swap to buy, sell, and trade corals.

    As previously stated, our frag swaps have come a long way from what I attended a decade ago. Gone are the tables full of small bags of water, replaced by aquariums lit with LED fixtures to showcase the abundant selections available ...

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  5. Frag Swap Video Tutorial

    Here's a video some of you might enjoy about Frag Swaps. Especially preparing for the event. I love the frag transport system. Hmmm!!! Might have to build me one.

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