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  1. I have a piece of history now

    Yesterday I wrote this blog about the Captive-Bred yellow tangs I now have. Read it for all the details, and why it's a big deal.

    Here are a couple of pictures of them today in their system.

    My biggest challenge will be to not pollute this tank ...
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  2. New fish - and how I react to issues

    I wanted to share something with y'all today, and hope you understand where it is coming from. Recently I picked up a Copperband butterfly fish, put it through acclimation & Safety Stop baths, and then placed it in the Peacemaker in my reef for three days to get used to its future friends. I fed this fish often, making sure it was eating, key to this particular fish's survival. CBBs are usually quite tough to keep, and starvation is probably one of the main reasons more of us don't succeed. ...

    Updated 04-15-2016 at 03:26 PM by melev

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  3. My new frag system is cycling, at last.

    As you know, for some time I've talked about setting up a stand alone frag system in the corner of the fishroom. In December I got everything built and last weekend I finally plumbed it in, got water circulating and a raw shrimp is now working its magic for three days to get the cycle going.

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  4. New frags on the way

    I just ordered some pretty SPS frags that will arrive next week.

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    New video uploading now to Youtube. This week's topic is about skimmers, and this is going into my system soon. It's the largest NYOS Quantum skimmer, which is brand new to the market. I saw it at MACNA, and they asked me to give it a review so I'll be running it for a couple of months in my system.

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  5. I had a visitor yesterday

    Yesterday, Tammy stopped by to visit. I featured her 800g reef on my youtube channel, and she wanted to visit. If you recall, she's been breeding clownfish for a while, and I've been wanting a tank full of clownfish ever since I saw a 120g grand prize starphire tank at MACNA in 2002. You could win the tank, the liverock, the stand, filtration and about 50 clownfish. It was absolutely stunning. Everyone said you can't keep all the clowns, because invariably they will fight and pick one off at ...
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