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  1. Video: Gryphon C-40 AquaSaw

    I bought myself this bandsaw over two years ago at the Denver MACNA. It was basically a gift to myself, but I never opened the box until two weeks ago when I started fragging some corals at last. It's pretty impressive, and hence I had to make a video about it.

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  2. Different angles; a cracked fitting leaked!

    Today, I decided to take a few pictures from different angles that what I'd usually do. This first shot is from the Spidey-Cam. His name is Peter...

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    These next two images were shot hoping to show the pretty colors of the water's rippling surface.

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    Just a change of pace.

    I did have something strange happen today. When I turned ...

    Updated 08-10-2016 at 03:34 PM by melev

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  3. Help keep the temperatures down in the summer

    In the summer, my reef tends to hit 81F or so, while in the colder months it maxes out at 80F. Years ago, I programmed the Apex to turn on a fan if the tank gets over 79.5F but there wasn't a fan plugged in. Until recently, that is. I finally got around to making an acrylic bracket and put a 120mm fan over the return section of my sump. This one fan, running in low-mode, has kept the temperature one degree cooler over the past few weeks. I probably should have made it hold two, but one is ...
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  4. Math and RO/DI water

    I use the 150gpd RO/DI system for all my water needs, both drinking water and RO/DI for my reef. Using it for maybe five years or more, you get used to how it operates. However, I recently had a customer with very high TDS reach out to me after buying one of my systems looking for a more efficient option because DI resin wasn't lasting long at all. After talking with my resource, I decided I'd try the suggestion with my own system to get some personal experience. This of course ended up with ...
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  5. A handy stapler

    When you have a guy install cable, he usually has a tool to secure it along the baseboards. It uses a rounded staple, so I recently went to Home Depot seeking one to call my own. I wanted to secure the USB cable running between the Apex and the PM1 box, as well as some RO/DI tubing running to the new frag system's top off container.

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    The first stapler didn't work, but I exchanged it ...
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