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  1. Clean Up Crew article

    A new article can be found on Melev's Reef: I shared my thoughts about what I recommend when it comes to adding the necessary critters to keep your reef looking nice.

  2. Happy Fourth of July!

    I snapped a few pictures today. Here's a view from the end of the 400g.

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    The left end is looking nicer but I need to tidy it up.

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    The skunk clownfish are still grouped, but during the daytime they like to spread out. If you can spot the Torch coral in the background on the green Montipora plate, you'll spy one under the torch.

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    I ...
    melevsreef , ‎ Tank Entry
  3. Vortech driver Holder - long overdue

    For years, I've been running Vortech pumps on my tanks. The driver for each pump has to be installed somewhere dry, safe from splashes, drips or worse. Velcro pads have held them to the woodwork, but they didn't stay there forever like one might hope. Over time, the glue on the back of the strip would let go from the surface of the wood, and I'd resort to using more velcro after struggling to remove the old sticky stuff the impeded a decent bond.

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    melevsreef , ‎ Tank Entry
  4. At last, it's switched over (

    It took me about two years to redesign, my main website that I've cared for since roughly 2002. It has helped countless people over the years, and during my travels people come up to me often thanking me for said information provided assisted them in their reefkeeping. In early 2012, I began building a new version to replace the aged website -- using a database-driven CMS (content management system) instead of HTML-code that I was so very familiar with.

    Of course while ...
  5. Rimless Acrylic Aquariums bow out

    When people tell me they want a rimless tank, I always tell them to use glass because it is more rigid and better suited material-wise. You can use thicker material to overcome the bow, but it will still swell outwards over time. This small frag tank has been running for over 3 years. It's only 10g of liquid volume at 8" tall, and even though I used 3/8" cast acrylic it bows out visibly. The tank is 13" wide and the middle span measures 13.5" wide. It began bowing within a month of being set ...
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