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Questions - Need some input

I have questions that need answers.

  1. Help Choosing A Return Pump

    Hello Everyone,
    I need help choosing a return pump for my upcoming aquarium project. It is 8' x 3' x 3'. It will have a 20" synergy reef overflow. The information on their website says it will has a 2,500 gph flow rate. There will be two 1 1/2" returns (one on each end of the aquarium on the back.) I have been looking at various pumps but I'm just not sure which way to go or even what GPH range to look at. I plan on having a number of vortechs and/or maybe maxspect gyres for ...
  2. Unidentified Creature In My Sump

    Hey Guys,

    Last year when I was doing a little remodeling in my display tank I found a strange creature under one of my shelf rocks. While I had the rock out of the water to move to my sump I lightly poked at the mystery creature and it had a hard shell. I put it in my sump and a couple days later when I was watching the sump I noticed that this little creature moved. I've attached a picture of it. In the picture he is sitting up (for lack of a better word) but when I move my hand ...
  3. New Plans for My Upcoming Aquarium

    Hey Guys!!

    OK. So I've been working on my dream tank for several years now and it is becoming a reality. I originally thought I was going to have a 12' x 7' rectangular room but now the room has changed into an odd shaped 15' x 4' x 11' x 10' x 4' room. I was originally planning on a 600 gallon tank but decided reduced it to a 465 gallon after meeting with the architects and finding out how much space would be designated for the aquarium and doing some long hard thinking about ...
  4. Sump Question

    Hello. First of all thank you to everyone for all the help y’all have given me on previous questions!!

    I have a question about my current sump setup. This was setup about 4 years ago and is not the ideal setup. At the time I thought I had it planned out so “perfectly” but after I had purchased everything and went to set it all up it didn’t work the way I had in my head and after some setbacks I have my current setup. I know y'all are going to read this and say "What on earth ...
  5. Future Tank Build Planning Question

    Hello Guys!!

    I am hoping y'all will be able to help me with some preliminary planning for an aquarium and fish room I am trying to plan. We are building a Preschool/Children's Wing at the church I work at. We currently have a 100 gallon aquarium that I have been maintaining for the last four years. I have been told they want a BIG one in the new building. We have had our first meeting with the architects. We don't have any drawings yet but I will need to let them know what type ...
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