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  1. MMoore0324's 50g Acrylic Build

    Hey Reef Addicts,

    So I realized that I joined this site in 2010 and I have a whopping 4 posts... wow! After looking around a bit, I noticed that there hasn't been a ton of activity here for a while. Maybe I can help to get things going again.

    Like many of you I'm sure, I've been following Marc for many years and last month I decided that I wanted to try my hand at acrylic fabrication. I sent Marc a message on Facebook and to my surprise he responded a day ...
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  2. The 180g build "The beginning"

    After getting settled in to the new house I decided on the perfect space for me next reef. While wanting to take a little more time off, I just couldn't help thinking of how great my next reef would be.

    I was planning a 300g in wall build with large fishroom in half of the garage. While the idea was just perfect in my head, my wife had other ideas. You see, she has been very tolerant of my reefing addiction over the years. She is actually the one that got me into saltwater but she ...
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  3. It's all been changed...

    Ok well my last entry was almost two years ago when this site was just getting going. I had posted about my 65g shallow sps reef build. Well about a month after that some things in life happened that changed my reefing plans! First, my wife and I found out that we were pregnant with our second child. Shortly after that news I received a promotion at work which required us to move to a new city. My plans were to get settled and then start my reef build back up again. Well work was crazy and then ...
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  4. 60g Shallow Reef

    Well for the past four months now I have been reef-less and it's seriously killing me. I had to sell my 3 reefs for a move to a new city. I'm all settled in now and ready start my next reef.

    I am currently having a custom acrylic tank and sump built by a very talented local club member. The tank measures 36X24X16 and will hold roughly 60 gallons. Here is a sample photo of a similar tank that my friend has built.

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  5. Reef-less Addict

    Hi my name is Matt and I am an addict...

    I have been a reef addict for the past decade. It all started at dinner one night with my, then future in-laws. Ken my, present, father in law was talking about his 90g saltwater aquarium. I had always wanted a saltwater tank, but was always told it was way to hard and just not really possible. After dinner I soon realized that I could totally do this! I ran to the LFS and bought a 55g set up quicker than quick. I soon had the cycle going and ...

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