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  1. If you love your skimmer, here's what you do.

    Chardo TheBull decided that he really loves his new skimmer, and quickly developed a close bond with it. Over the past 24 hours, they've been inseparable. And he's got the selfies to prove it. Most of us just take a few pictures of our newest acquisition and share them online but Chardo... see for yourself.

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  2. Omg!

    So today a picture crossed my newsfeed and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Here's the picture.

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    You might be wondering what he's doing, so let me explain. He needed to hang some lighting pendants over his new tank. However, what actually transpired here was sheer luck that he wasn't killed. Using a power tool PLUGGED into the wall while standing in water is very dangerous, eliciting my OMG-response.

    Immediately I had to ...

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  3. A Shrimp Tale

    Once upon a time (OK last year) I had this shrimp and Gobi

    He looked lonely so the King of this section of reef (Me) went out and got him a little companion. In time, the little guy grew to where he could be friends, or maybe more than friends with the older guy. In the beginning the King was worried because the little gobi was tiny and he was afraid he would be eaten.
    The two gobies moved into the tunnel ...
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  4. The beautiful Mantis Shrimp

    ... has made it into comic format. Who would have expected that? Enjoy - it's funny.

    And speaking of humor, I saw this recently and had to share it with y'all.

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    In other news, I came home with two corals from Sea World last weekend. I was speaking at Capital City Coral Corral, in Austin Texas. I saw the corals and was excited to know they were grown at Sea World San Antonio. ...
  5. April 1, 2013 - fun for most

    Following the online reports of what April Fools Day pranks were playing out, I was entertained by a number of well-designed featurettes. Google had two today, Google Nose and Google Treasure Map. Vimeo became Vimeow, a website for all those cat videos you need to see. YouTube announced that by midnight the site was going to stop accepting new videos, and the staff would spend time determining the best video ever uploaded over the past eight years. Then there was George Takei's announcement ...
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