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  1. Vectra pumps

    Now that I have the Reeflink I'm really thinking about the Vectra pumps from EcoTech. I am using a pair of BlueLine pumps ,one as my return that also feeds a manifold for reactors and the fuge. The other I have throttled back as my skimmer feed. While the noise reduction would be nice it's not the biggest draw for me as my sump room is in the basement.What does interest me is the control ability and monitoring. I wonder if the L1 would be able to deliver the same or more than a BlueLine 70HD at ...
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  2. Sump Improvements

    I removed the sump from the system Sunday a week ago. I just got it installed back in the system Monday evening. While it was out I completed the drain line plumbing to the Sump. I made a acrylic cooling fan holder and also a probe holder that allows probes to be added in the bubble trap. I also made the feet for the corner boxes along with a acrylic cover for mounting float switches to the return compartment and probe holders to the refugium compartment. I was in a hurry so I did not get a lot ...
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  3. Calcium reactor

    I've had a fair amount of trouble in the tank over the last several months.In that time I lost a 5 gal pail of sps so I pulled my reactor offline as it wasn't needed. Now that things have recovered nicely and things are once again stable with frequent water changes, I'm ready to restart the calcium reactor. In the past I've had difficulty keeping the effuent flow rate consistent and have had to tweak it daily. I will be ordering the same regulator as Melev and a controller of some kind. I'm thinking ...
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  4. Return pump failure

    I don't know when I got the Dart pump that runs the 400g's return flow (from the sump), but I'm guessing 2011. Maybe it's a newer, because the serial number label doesn't match the image from back then. So maybe 2012. Last night I was working in the tank with the flow off. When I turned on the return pump, it needed a little help to get started - which has been the case for the past week. Using a flathead screwdriver, I can insert it into the driveshaft's slot and give it a small twist and ...

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  5. A snail can make all the difference

    The return assembly going into my reef enters at the right end of the tank, but touches nothing that would allow the clean up crew to get to the plumbing. I designed that portion to be removable so that section's occasional soaking would be relatively easy. However, a couple of weeks ago I decided to park a snail on one return and let it get a meal. Within two weeks, that return is nearly completely clean, while the other shows a striking difference. I'm thinking about putting a second snail ...
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