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  1. Help Choosing A Return Pump

    Hello Everyone,
    I need help choosing a return pump for my upcoming aquarium project. It is 8' x 3' x 3'. It will have a 20" synergy reef overflow. The information on their website says it will has a 2,500 gph flow rate. There will be two 1 1/2" returns (one on each end of the aquarium on the back.) I have been looking at various pumps but I'm just not sure which way to go or even what GPH range to look at. I plan on having a number of vortechs and/or maybe maxspect gyres for ...
  2. A glimmer of hope

    After i lost my tank and all but the fish and a few hammers and a torches I thought I was done. I really miss my tank. That said, I'm in talks with a builder and I think I'm almost over the grief to start thinking of a new tank. This time I'm considering a custom ctc overflow and returns as well as a custom sump. The builder has given me many options and ideas and I'm a bit overwhelmed. I have a question for you and Marc I'm especially asking you. Do you feel confident with the black acrylic panel ...
  3. Fish jumping out of tank

    Hi I have a 60 gallon tank which I recently removed the glass lid as I read this is better for the tank. Now I have fish jumping out.

    Is there any benefit to not having a glass top on my tank? should I just put I back on?

    Im currently sing an Ecotec radion o and its approximately 8 inches above the tank.
  4. Trimming monti caps

    Anyone have any tricks to trimming/pruning monti caps that won't look like the bow of a ship smashed through my reef? I've got a lot of purple rim green cap that is out of control and either shading or engulfing some acros that I'd rather not lose. I've already pretty much lost what I would describe as an encrusting/branching rainbow monti.
  5. Lux app for cell phones

    I found a lux meter app for my phone and was very curious to see the lux reading under my Atlantik lights at 100% intensity.At the water surface(so scared I was going to drop the phone in the tank!) I measured 57000 and change under the left and right v1 units and 46000 and change under the center v2.1b unit. Interestingly at least for me that coincides with slower coral growth in the center of the tank. Coral color appears equal to my eyes. Hmm what does the sunlight outside measure? Right now, ...
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