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  1. sump

    I have an appointment this Saturday with the tank builder to finalize the sump design. Really excited! Stand is done and powder coated black. I plan to skin it anyway so the color didn't matter much to me. We are trying to figure out how to plumb the Genesis Pro system as well as the Lifereef calcium reactor and skimmer.
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  2. restart

    Well, I have committed to a new tank, stand and sump. Tank will be a custom 72 long, 24 tall, 30 deep. Sump is still in the works but will be 60 long, 20 tall and 24 deep. Stand will only be 30 tall this time. I'll be using all the equipment from the previous tank minus the Lifereef sump and overflow. Those will be used for a 65 gal quarantine system in th basement sump room. Lots of work and planning still to do
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  3. Video: Gryphon C-40 AquaSaw

    I bought myself this bandsaw over two years ago at the Denver MACNA. It was basically a gift to myself, but I never opened the box until two weeks ago when I started fragging some corals at last. It's pretty impressive, and hence I had to make a video about it.

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  4. Different angles; a cracked fitting leaked!

    Today, I decided to take a few pictures from different angles that what I'd usually do. This first shot is from the Spidey-Cam. His name is Peter...

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    These next two images were shot hoping to show the pretty colors of the water's rippling surface.

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    Just a change of pace.

    I did have something strange happen today. When I turned ...

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  5. The Controller

    I have not said much about the controller I am using. So I figured I will give it a go here. The screenshots here were done from an iPad. The controller tailors the web pages to the device so the screens will be different on a computer or phone. The controller I am using is the Archon. It is Digital Aquatics latest controller release. It is completely web based. It also has WiFi right out of the box. There are no additional module needed for WiFi. The head unit has 2 ports that can be either pH ...

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