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  1. Vortech your pendants

    I've been ignoring how the pendants were hanging at an angle over the SPS vat, but it bugged me. I wanted to direct the light down into the vat and get them level, so I thought about various options.

    The easiest solution was to use one of the spare Vortech magnets I use when building sumps to keep the two pendants straight. Simple, free, and it works.

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  2. Gluing coral to magnets and snails

    is it okey to glue coral to magnets or snails?? If I glued GSP to a magnets and I kept the magnets moving and not let it sit days on end could the GSP still encrust to the glass???

    Updated 08-01-2010 at 01:44 PM by melev

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  3. Testing for Alk (kh)

    I am having a real problem with my alk levels. I use API test kits. When testing for alk (kh) I can do 3 test in a row and get 3 differnent readings. Just had a test done at a lfs and they gave me a reading of 13 alk. Pretty high, which would explain some burnt tips. I just tested again with the api kit and got a reading of 8. Something is amiss obviously. What test kit do you guys use and feel is the most dependable? This is a 99% sps tank.

    Updated 07-31-2010 at 06:02 PM by melev

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  4. Lighting


    So here we go....., so let me just quickly post that the DIY reflectors arrived, canopy installed. Its looks amazing. Pic are coming right now........

    Reflectors are little dirty. I cleaned with white plan vinegar. It is clean like glass.

    Some more about Reflectors.

    I bought 0.6mm thickness Stainless steel glass finishing sheet, drawing given to the ...
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  5. Flame Scallop

    Has anyone ever had a red Flame Scallop in your tank? what is there to taking care of it? There are a few for sale at my Local Fish Store. Always looking for a interesting animal to add to the tank.

    Thanks Chris

    Updated 07-30-2010 at 11:30 PM by melev

    Questions - Need some input