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  1. Let there be (more) light...

    Last year, I posted about the upgrade from single ended metal halides to TwinArc bulbs. I used the same reflectors and ballasts, but could now have 20,000K lighting for a few hours and 10,000K lighting for a few hours, daily. The best of both worlds, right?

    10 months later, I knew it was getting close to the time I needed to get new bulbs, and I was really debating what to go with: upgrade to all 400w bulbs ...

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  2. How the light moves across my reef.

    This is the first part of the daylight period. I've been running the staggered lighting period for a decade now, and don't see why I'd ever stop. Here's the article I shared a few years ago explaining it in detail:

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    Today I installed two new 400w bulbs and one new 400w ballast. One more ballast and bulb will be added tomorrow, and I'll take PAR measurements to know the difference ...
  3. Nuvo 16g

    so it been a roller coaster of a year, took down my 150 transferred all coral to a 105g rimless tank. tank crashed lost coral(jan) then battled bryopsis and won then hair algae almost won. A kitchen remodel claimed the 105(didn't want to move it so I sold it), didn't want to move it so I decided to just get a nano till I finish up school. So here I am.
    I purchased the nuvo used, as I didn't wanted to put money into different areas of the build. So equipment wise I traded for things I needed ...
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  4. Blue Life Phosphate RX dosing?

    Just to clarify heres the directions on the container,

    Six drops of Phosphate Control will lower your phosphate by 1 ppm (mg/L) for every 10 gallons (37.9 liters) of water.

    Does that mean 1.0 ppm or .01ppm?

    My phos is testing at .04 on Hanna and I was going to dose 72 drops.

    My tank volume minus rocks and sand is 120 gallons, so 6 drops X 12 = 72 drops to drop my phos by .01?
  5. Topdown shots for Day 210

    On 6/10, the tank turned seven months old. Which means fresh pictures, right? I've been doing some necessary maintenance to clean up the system because I prefer it that way, but also because Gary Parr is coming to visit and asked specifically to photograph my reef. All the Vortechs are clean, the viewing panels are spotless, the overflow scraped down to the glossy black acrylic once more. The reef is ready.

    I see blue polyps in this montipora, and some interesting rootlike veins. ...
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