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  1. What a unique chalice

    I spotted this on Facebook today. Image by Reefkoi. Look at the size of the polyps that opened up on this Chalice coral. I read that it's from Jason Fox's collection.

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  2. Some Rock Structures I made

    Marc suggested I post some of my tinkering of Rock Structures here.

    This is Man-Made Rock, using rock studs and resin epoxy on certain joints (Using the rock studs) to make it super sturdy. A cat 5 hurricane may knock it over.

    This structure has an arch and a semi-divided branch in the back (depending on how you look at it). I used Snapseed (Google's mobile picture editor) to edit the pics as it's very difficult to actually show what the rocks look like in real life. ...
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  3. Unexpected issue with my frag tank

    The frag tank holds roughly 10g of saltwater, and the corals in there are growing bigger fighting for space. I've considered building a new one to replace this one once the 400g gets here. I don't know the date unfortunately.

    Yesterday as I was looking at the tank, I noticed that one end was floating - which it never does. The first thing I did was put some shims under the end to support the corners of the tank.

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    Updated 07-01-2013 at 05:18 PM by melev

    Tank Entry
  4. June's Full Tank Shot

    Let's see your reefs! Take your pictures, resize them for web sharing, and post it in the reply field. You'll need to host it somewhere like Photobucket to share it in your reply.

    Here's the 215g, which is over a year old now.
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  5. Good to be back!!!

    Hey fellow reef addicts it has been awhile since i have been around, and man it is good to be back!!! I have been on fishtank hiatus since last summer/fall when i sold all of my 20+ fishtanks. Ive been spending most of my time and money on other hobbies that the wife finds more practical/useful, but with the sale of my house pending and a move in the plans I am itching to get back in the game. I had to completely cut myself off from the forums/fish stores/TV shows about fish etc... because I knew ...
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