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  1. Trimming monti caps

    Anyone have any tricks to trimming/pruning monti caps that won't look like the bow of a ship smashed through my reef? I've got a lot of purple rim green cap that is out of control and either shading or engulfing some acros that I'd rather not lose. I've already pretty much lost what I would describe as an encrusting/branching rainbow monti.
  2. Lux app for cell phones

    I found a lux meter app for my phone and was very curious to see the lux reading under my Atlantik lights at 100% intensity.At the water surface(so scared I was going to drop the phone in the tank!) I measured 57000 and change under the left and right v1 units and 46000 and change under the center v2.1b unit. Interestingly at least for me that coincides with slower coral growth in the center of the tank. Coral color appears equal to my eyes. Hmm what does the sunlight outside measure? Right now, ...
  3. At the same time, each day...

    Every evening around 5:32 p.m. all the fish get excited about their pending meal. I have an Eheim autofeeder suspended over my reef in the upper left corner. It dumps food into the water though an acrylic bracket I sell on my site called the Eheim Chimney: This keeps the food in the water and none of it goes out/down the overflow into the sump.
    What makes this time fun for me is watching all the Skunk clownfish rise up out of the ...
  4. Clean Up Crew article

    A new article can be found on Melev's Reef: I shared my thoughts about what I recommend when it comes to adding the necessary critters to keep your reef looking nice.

  5. At the Six Month Mark

    It will be six months since I added water to the tank on the 22nd of this month. The latest thing to happen was an outbreak on cyano. It appears to be declining. I added some cheato to the refugium section about 3 weeks back. I think that may be the major reason for the decline. I have a light that I purchased from BML that is for lighting the refugium. They have got out of the aquarium lighting business since my purchase. This is a shame since the light appears to be of good quality. It is running ...