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  1. MMoore0324's 50g Acrylic Build

    Hey Reef Addicts,

    So I realized that I joined this site in 2010 and I have a whopping 4 posts... wow! After looking around a bit, I noticed that there hasn't been a ton of activity here for a while. Maybe I can help to get things going again.

    Like many of you I'm sure, I've been following Marc for many years and last month I decided that I wanted to try my hand at acrylic fabrication. I sent Marc a message on Facebook and to my surprise he responded a day ...
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  2. At the Six Month Mark

    It will be six months since I added water to the tank on the 22nd of this month. The latest thing to happen was an outbreak on cyano. It appears to be declining. I added some cheato to the refugium section about 3 weeks back. I think that may be the major reason for the decline. I have a light that I purchased from BML that is for lighting the refugium. They have got out of the aquarium lighting business since my purchase. This is a shame since the light appears to be of good quality. It is running ...
  3. 400g Install from the Summer of 2013

    This blog is long overdue. I was reading a blog on here about a dream tank and figured I would show mine. I'm sure everyone remembers Marc's (Melev) leaky Marineland custom 400g tank... Well, I am the lucky guy who picked it up for a good deal! I had a 100g setup for almost 7 years and I parted it out when I got a house back in 2010. After being house poor for a few years, I got that saltwater itch again and decided to just take a look at used tanks online. There was the tank of my dreams at ...
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  4. New Additions

    I now have three fish. I went looking for a first fish and ran across some blue reef chromis damsels. I got three of them. These things seem to be hungry all the time. I guess that s a good thing though. They are active during the day and are always out above the rocks. All seem to be getting along OK. They always seem to be hungry. When I got home I tested the water salinity the new fish were in and got 37 mS. I rechecked it with a refractometer and got 24ppt. Is it normal for LFS's to keep their ...
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  5. 3 Month Update

    It has been about 3 months since I filled the tank with water. A couple of weeks back I went to one of the local fish stores and got some sand and a rock with some coralline alga on it from one if their tanks. I was willing to pay for it but they said it was not enough to charge me for it. They said to just remember where I got it. Kudos to them I will defiantly go back. I also added 3 turbo snails at that point. There was some alga starting to grow on the rocks.

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