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  1. Melev's 280g reef - 5.5 years and counting

    • 280g Starfire glass Reef-ready tank
    • 150g sump and refugium built by me
    • Euroreef CS12-2 protein skimmer with two Eheim 1262 pumps
    • Lifereef Calcium Reactor with a flaky Milwaukee pH controller
    • Aqua Controller III to control lighting, heat, and log some parameters, available on the web and my iPhone (AquaNotes App).
    • 55g water changed every two months.
    • 100gpd RO/DI used for top offs and to make more saltwater. My tank evaporates about 5g per day.
    • Kent Sea Salt or Red Sea Pro,

    Updated 01-03-2010 at 09:09 PM by melev

    Tank - Full Summary
  2. Avatars - Make one!

    We were at a loss at why people couldn't find the time to change their avatar from the stock avatar to something personalized. Finally, we realized that the little white silhouette figure on grey background was just too darn attractive.

    People fell in love with that faceless dude and were having separation anxiety. With this new knowledge, we went back into the think tank and came out with a better idea.

    Updated 01-16-2010 at 01:35 AM by Jessy

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    Update from the Committed Ones
  3. Update on Breeding System

    Here is the latest update on my breeding system. You can find the initial post here.

    The breeding set up now running with water and the broodstock is in place. Here are the latest pics of the broodstock and system.

    Broodstock tanks and growout

    Larval System

  4. Getting Serious

    Now that I had my larger tank volume I needed "stuff", lots of stuff. I hit garage sales by the dozen and was able to pick up quite a few items. I also found out about a thing called a reef club! I had dumped some cash on "stuff" and received some advice from some experienced guys and now I wanted more. I wanted Corals!
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    New 55 Gallon tank with a wet/dry filter/sump jammed in the bottom

    I was able ...
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  5. My first reef tank...the algae cycle is starting

    Okay, it is day 5 for my newly setup 110g tank. If you've been following then you know that I've got an unusual situation in that all the live rock I bought from a local reefer is covered with coral polyps and the used tank setup that I bought came with an adult hippo tang (disclaimer: I didn't seek out to add either of these!). I'm at a point where I've got several questions for the experts. Luckily I think that I escaped any major ammonia spike - my test kit has consistently been 0 or close to ...
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