• DIY Light Hanging Arm

    I wanted to hang my light above my aquarium with style, on a budget so I found a tutorial online on how to make a

    Tools used:

    • Drill
    • Measuring tape
    • ¾" Pipe bender ($40 at Home Depot)
    • Various drill bits
    • Pipe cutter

    Shopping List

    • Two – 10' lengths of ¾" conduit pipe (get a third one because you'll make mistakes while bending)
    • Two sets of “Sunlifts” from Sunlight Supply (link)
    • Four 1" hooks
    • Four decorative nuts (I got mine from a Current light fixture set, but I’m sure they sell something comparable at Home Depot)
    • Four ¾" brackets for attaching to the wall or stand
    • One bag of ½” end caps (see picture below for type)
    • Screws for mounting to the wall/stand

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    1. Aquarius Marinus's Avatar
      Aquarius Marinus -
      Beautiful! And great write up!

      I used the same method to hang Lumenbrite's on my last tank. I went through 3 lengths of conduit before I made a radius that I liked Then I spray painted everything black. I like what you did on the ends, I put a PVC end cap over my ends, but it doesn't look nearly as clean.