• Reef Addicts Podcast - Episode 6

    June brings some new topics to discuss. Jessy focuses on her Birthday Week while I talk about the Delaware Valley Reef Club's Frag Swap. I describe a new RO/DI system (I should call it "The Hulk" after hearing Jessy's suggested name), and the conversation then evolved to SCUBA, the Flikr channel we have, new articles that came out in the past month, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster... Lindsey talks about why she feels it good to join a club. The show wraps up with a new product that came to market very recently, and a new contest. You have to listen to know how to enter!

    You can download it from iTunes and listen to it when you are on the road.

    Or you can listen to it here in your browser:

    Jessy's birthday blog: http://www.reefaddicts.com/entry.php...16#comment3416
    Water change article: http://www.reefaddicts.com/content.p...e-Water-Change
    What does it cost to set up a Saltwater tank today? http://www.reefaddicts.com/content.p...ater-reef-tank
    How to host a group buy: http://www.reefaddicts.com/content.p...st-a-Group-Buy
    Delaware Valley Reef Club Frag swap: pending
    Flikr Group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/reefadd...th/4644930119/

    450gpd RO/DI system:

    A little insight on the Gulf disaster in one of the comments below.
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    1. Jessy's Avatar
      Jessy -
      First!!! :P Biotches!!!!
    1. johnbanks's Avatar
      johnbanks -
      W00t, second

      not so good really, happy birthday week
    1. TomNeely's Avatar
      TomNeely -
      Looking forward to seeing pictures of "THE HULK"! Which sounds better than that "body part" stated in the podcast...lol
    1. Tumbleweed's Avatar
      Tumbleweed -
      Might be first Jessy but it doesn't count since you don't even have a tank.
    1. ryancmatchett's Avatar
      ryancmatchett -
      These Podcasts keep me busy at work....and around the house! Jessy, hope your birthday week was wonderful...Mine is this week!
    1. jays333's Avatar
      jays333 -
      Thanks Marc et al, Another great episode.
      The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play. ~Arnold Toynbee
    1. melev's Avatar
      melev -
      This was uploaded June 11, 2010
    1. agsansoo's Avatar
      agsansoo -
      Great podcast once again. In the podcast you mentioned testing a new MH bulb. Care to tell us which one ? Details please ...
    1. robicts's Avatar
      robicts -
      Quote Originally Posted by melev View Post
      This was uploaded June 11, 2010
      It is soo sad and all we can do is sit and watch an dozens of ecosystems get destroyed.
    1. melev's Avatar
      melev -
      Quote Originally Posted by agsansoo View Post
      Great podcast once again. In the podcast you mentioned testing a new MH bulb. Care to tell us which one ? Details please ...
      They are the SPS bulbs sold by Blue Life USA. Matter of fact, I got a box today... and inside are a number of bulbs. 2 x 250w 10,000K SE, a 400w 20,000K SE, a 150w 10,000K DE, and a 150w 14,000K DE. I'll be installing them this week, and start measuring the PAR to see how they do. Then after about 100 hours (the typical burn in period), I'll be able to state how they look to the eye compared to the bulbs I've used in the past.

      I'd be lying if I said I wasn't checking my email daily for any clue as to when they would arrive. Time for the happy dance!
    1. agsansoo's Avatar
      agsansoo -
      This is great ! I was talking to the owner of Blue Life at MAX. I wanted to try his bulbs out, but voiced my concerns on the color and par levels. Also how frustrated I've been with buying MH bulbs that never seem to be the right color (i.e. 14K's that look too blue or too yellow). I'm very interested to see how the 10K's look in your tank. 10K's will be my next bulb change. I'm currently using 14K Hamilton's (too yellow). Keeps us posted with lots of photos.
    1. sburdick's Avatar
      sburdick -
      Great podcast, I look forward to them every month!
    1. fishtal's Avatar
      fishtal -
      Nice podcast. Thanks for bringing up the BP mess. As depressing as it is, it needs to be talked about and dealt with... not just avoided until someone else deals with it. IMHO.
    1. Mits's Avatar
      Mits -
      Loved the podcast, I'm surprised that you are amazed by bigger frag swaps though. I thought you'd have been to dozens by now.
    1. melev's Avatar
      melev -
      I've been to basically three frag swaps a year for the past 6 years. Our club hosts two a year, and then Tyree has been doing a Coral Farmer's Market for the past two years, plus I've attended a few club swaps. It's always a group of hobbyists that bring frags in bags or smaller tanks, and a whole bunch of people that show up to buy (usually) or trade (occasionally). Being landlocked in Texas, maybe that is why.

      This one was a bigger deal with two speakers for the day, and at least 10 vendors on site. Matter of fact, there wasn't really any average hobbyists set up to sell frags, now that I think about it. They were all businesses, home-grown, LFS, or nationally known online. So yes, that was a first. I'm going to Reefapalooza this October and that has been a major frag swap over the years, and Marine Depot backs it as far as I know.
    1. bioned's Avatar
      bioned -
      Thanks for the podcast. It kept me entertained for part of a long day of driving and I always look forward to what the next installment will bring.
    1. cfsindorf's Avatar
      cfsindorf -
      HOLY CRAP that thing is huge. Gonna be pricy
    1. reefer50's Avatar
      reefer50 -
      Thanks reef addicts i look forward to the podcast every month and i love the site the podcasts are always entertaining especially the last 2 minutes of eisode 6 ps melev let me know if you need my address!
    1. BatterThanTV's Avatar
      BatterThanTV -
      what that song with the big bang about.......
    1. cortegro's Avatar
      cortegro -
      Thanks for another well produced podcast!

      The Connecticut CTARS members have a couple of great swaps a year as well. Hope to see you back on the east coast again this year!