• Red Light- reflective energy can enhance aesthetics

    This hobby has been dominated by white lights with blue actinics for years. Recently I covered the topic of using green light to get more fluorescence out of your corals (http://reefbuilders.com/2010/04/06/g...orescence-red/). Now, we bring you the topic of using red light to increase reflective coloration.
    [FONT=Arial][SIZE=2]Red light has been used in the hobby for years as a way of making the pinks pop, the purples protrude and to polish the primrose. However, this light never received much attention as the pink grow bulbs boomed in popularity.
    We know what you are thinking, and yes, our good friend Dana did tell you that red light is bad for your corals. This may certainly be the case, but red light does have a place in the hobby as a source of supplementary light for color. The red light doesn’t produce any fluorescence that we know of. Even if it did the fluorescent color would be of a higher wavelength (lower energy) and the human eye wouldn’t be able to see it. What red light can do is increase the amount of reflective coloration. Things that normally appear red will show even more intense colors. Red light makes the coralline algae glow and brightens up the aquascape.
    While over-looked in the past we are pleased to report that some companies are exploring the use of red light. Fluorescent tubes as well as led systems may soon include red bulbs as part of the stock setup. Below are a few examples.

    A LED panel from Sunbrite showing off their red LEDs.

    Red sun bulb by “UV Lighting” 633 nm for red, yellow, orange and will grow plants and corals due to the high visible light spectrum that it produces.

    A red LED refugium light.

    Time will tell if this trend has staying power, or if it will be a phase. Will science overcome personal taste?
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    1. Reefdaddy's Avatar
      Reefdaddy -
      Good job, the question I have is being that macros stay toward the surface generaly, will they explode with red light?
      I know the more yellow a bulb they tend to do better. Wonder if a red will even make more growth.