• Mutual of Omaha's visit to the Coral Restoration Foundation

    Many years ago, Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom aired weekly, providing their audience with wonderful content about animals and aquatic life from around the world.

    The show is resuming this weekend, but before the official launch they are offering up webisodes via their website. Check out Reef Madness, a six minute clip: http://www.wildkingdom.com/webisodes *

    Their first episode explores the Florida Keys, specifically the work Ken Nedimyer spearheads with the Coral Restoration Foundation. Watching the decline of two native species of Acropora dwindle away by 90%, he has been working hard to plant more corals to replenish what has been lost. In September, I personally got to lend a hand and prep a few corals to be grown on the coral trees, and on a subsequent dive that day plant a few corals on the reef itself.

    The official website for Ken's project is CoralRestoration.org.

    So click the link and enjoy the video. Your next dive or snorkeling trip may be better appreciated by you and your group.

    *This webisode doesn't appear to offer a direct permanent link, so if you are reading this at a later date, go to WildKingdom.com and navigate to Webisodes to find their first video.