• Pacific East Aquaculture Celebrates 14 years in business

    This was originally posted on DFWMAS.org, and I found it to be very interesting and look forward to visiting in person one day. I hope you do as well:

    We are excited to be celebrating our 14th year in business! We feel that we are a unique company and contributor to the marine aquarium hobby! I thought I would share some information on our business with everyone. I am sure a lot of you are familiar with us as an online vendor but maybe you are not as familiar with everything we do as a company. For those of you that are not familiar with us we would like to get your attention!

    Our Aquaculture Facility/ Coral Farm

    We are located on the on the Eastern Shore of Maryland where we operate the nation's largest indoor coral farm and reef livestock retail and wholesale outlet. Our facility is the first and only inspected, licensed, and certified coral aquaculture facility in the state of Maryland. We have set up coral farms in the Solomon Islands and clam farms in French Polynesia. Dr. Mac, the owner of Pacific East Aquaculture is a Board-Certified veterinarian and has been a marine aquarium hobbyist since the 1960's. We have four full-time Biologist on staff and a group of 16 college interns who assist us on various research projects.

    Our retail outlet is a reef keeper's paradise! We house thousands of corals on a regular basis and are open for retail business 11-5 Eastern Monday-Saturday. Our business is primarily online but we have many walk-in customers that visit our retail facility on a regular basis. Anyone who wants to stop by is more than welcome to and we will give anyone a tour of our facility anytime. Even if you live far away, try to make a trip sometime! Trust me, you will find a trip to our facility well worth your time!

    Our Green House!

    Our greenhouse was constructed and completed in 2004. It consist of seven 12' X 3' vats outside and there are also two more 12' x 3' vats inside connected to the greenhouse system. Our greenhouse is connected to the main building of our facility. We use a 70% shade cloth on our greenhouse in the summer months when the natural light is most intense. The water in our greenhouse system is temperature controlled via geothermal wells. We grow hundreds of species of coral in our greenhouse including the majority of our SPS corals, Leather corals, and some other soft corals. We also keep our clams out in our greenhouse under the natural lighting. It is not unusual for us to have hundreds and sometimes thousands of Maxima clams and other livestock items out in our greenhouse! It is definitely a sight worth seeing!

    Some of the corals we regularly grow in our greenhouse include:

    -Over a dozen varieties of Bird's Nest (Seriatopora)
    -Acanthastrea lordhowensis
    -A variety of Leather corals
    -Zoanthids and Palythoas

    We also keep most of our "mother colonies" out in our greenhouse.

    Our Stock

    At our aquaculture facility we house hundreds of coral colonies and tens of thousands of frags on a regular basis. We have the largest variety of WYSIWYG corals and clams available online. New stock is posted daily on our website. While the majority of our livestock is cultured at our facility we do receive shipments of new stock weekly.

    WYSIWYG Frag Page:
    -This is where one can find hundreds to thousands of our WYSIWYG Frags on a regular basis. We always have a huge variety to choose from at GREAT prices! The majority of these frags are aquacultured and very hardy!


    Under $15 Frags (Buy 6 and get the 7th one FREE!):
    -On any given day there are hundreds of frags posted on this page individually priced for less than $15. Even better these frags are always on sale, buy six and get the 7th frag FREE! There are no limits on this deal, buy 12 get 2 free, buy 18 and get 3 Free! Just mention "Lucky 7" in the customer comments section of your order and we will adjust your invoice when we receive your order. Nothing automatically charges to your card on our website.


    Colonies Page:
    -Not everyone is looking for frag size pieces! Most of the time when we get in new stock we offer it as a WYSIWYG colony. Best to be quick, if it does not sell we often times cut it up and add it to our collection of aquacultured corals! We regularly import maricultured colonies and wild colonies from all over the world. Dr. Mac hand-picks the majority of our colonies on regular trips to visit our suppliers in person.


    French Polynesian Clams and Fish

    We are the exclusive importer of French Polynesian Maxima Clams in the United States. We sell our clams wholesale and retail. Through our partner, we actively culture clams in French Polynesia and offer wild collected and cultured clams from the remote Austral Islands where there are hundreds of millions of wild Maxima clams and also our clam farms are actively producing 40,000 Maxima clams annually. The worldwide aquarium industry export of Maxima clams from French Polynesia amounts to less than 0.1% of the clams used as food, many many tons of Maxima clams are eaten annually as a major human food source in the islands and other areas around the world. Save a clam from the cooking pot, buy it for you aquarium!!

    On website we always have a huge variety of WYSIWYG clams to choose from. If you click on the item we also list the size as well. We also import Palau cultured clams including Squamosa, Deresa, Crocea, and Maxima clams.

    Clam Page:

    Along with clams, we import many fish from our collection station in French Polynesian. These fish include Black Tangs, Achilles Tangs, Clown Tangs, Flame Angelfish (Pairs of Flame Angels as well), Leopard wrasse, Lemonpeel Angelfish, Scott's Fairy wrasse pairs, Flame Tailed hawkfish and much more. We collected and imported the first rare Atavai wrasse from French Polynesia as well. This fish was the first of its kind from this region to be imported into the United States. Our French Polynesian fish are very beautiful and extremely hardy. All of our fish go through a two month quarantine before they are exported from French Polynesia.

    Fish Page: http://www.pacificeastaquaculture.co...-Prodlist.html

    And we have a family of four boxers that we love and adore! Rocky, Ruby, Reba and Wilma!

    Tahiti 2012

    It is a cold rainy day in Maryland and I was looking through some of Dr. Mac's photos from when he was in Tahiti in 2012 working on our Clam Farms with our partner. Its such a rainy cold day and I would do almost anything to be in Tahiti today! Thought I would share some of Dr. Mac's gorgeous photos with everyone so I'm not the only one wishing I was in paradise!

    Dr. Mac has a partner in Tahiti who we work with to import wild Maxima clams and he also manages our clam farms and collection station. We sell thousands of Maxima clams retail every year but most of our clams are sold wholesale in the United States. We post tons of WYSIWYG Maxima Clams on our website on a regular basis. Dr. Mac visited Tahiti in 2012 to meet with the president of Tahiti and the Minister of Fisheries to change local laws so we could export our cultured clams. Before Dr. Mac went over to Tahiti all clams exported out of Tahiti had to be a minimum of 12 centimeters regardless of the clam being wild or cultured. Dr. Mac met with the President of Tahiti and the Minister of Fisheries to have this law changed to allow for our smaller cultured clams to be exported to the United States.

    Photo of our partner chiseling a Maxima clam out of the rock. Maxima clams are rock boring clams which makes the collection of them challenging. As you can see, the Maxima clams we collect are found in really shallow water.

    Wild Maxima clam

    One area of our main collection station where we bring our clams before they are shipped to the United States

    We also hold our clams in this unique holding system

    Sometimes we come across rare two-faced clams where the opposite sides of the mantle are two different colors as seen in the clam on the right! Pretty cool!

    We also import a lot of fish from Tahiti. Like our clams, we sell a lot of our French Polynesian fish both retail and wholesale. We collect our fish in remote islands of French Polynesia and we bring them back to our main collection station in Tahiti. Our fish go through a two month quarantine before they are shipped to our retail location in the U.S. from our collection station. While they are quarantined at our collection station they are mostly fed a variety of pellet foods. Our French Polynesian fish have a reputation of being very hardy and beautiful! We brought a lot of our French Polynesian fish to MACNA 2013 and they were very popular.

    Some of the fish we collect in French Polynesia are:

    -Blue Spotted Wrasse
    -Leopard Wrasse
    -Scott's Fairy Wrasse Pairs
    -Super Male Scott's Fairy Wrasse
    -Flame Angelfish (singles and pairs)
    -Lemon peel Angelfish
    -Regal Angelfish
    -Flame Hawkfish
    -Arc Eye Hawkfish
    -Rare Flametail Hawkfish
    -Clown Tangs
    -Black Tangs
    -Whitetail Bristletooth Tang
    -Mimic Tangs
    -Achilles Tangs

    The previous is just a list of the fish we regularly collect. There are many other fish that we collect from French Polynesia as well.

    And of course Dr. Mac did some "site" seeing while he was there!

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    Thank you for reading!
    -Alyssa, Dr. Mac and the Pacific East Aquaculture Team