• Cobalt reveals new goodies at Global Pet Expo

    When conference season rolls around, distributors release new products. For most hobbyists, we watch for such revelations at MACNA each fall, but tomorrow Global Pet Expo in Florida will be bustling with activity as the pet industry converges for three days for the 2014-2015 to showcase their wares. Check out this floor map - that looks insane! Those are all booths, including sponsors, international vendors, and of course the Everything Aquatic section.

    Cobalt Aquatics is rolling out their new expanded food line to include frozen cubes. For us Reef keepers, that includes foods targeting corals and also Non-Photo Synthetic systems. The tiny rotifers and zooplankton will reach those tiny hungry mouths (polyps).

    Of the 11 new frozen foods, here are additional choices for saltwater aquarists.

    In addition, there's also a powdered coral food filled with nutritious stuff for all corals and other filter feeding invertebrates. Containing a full array of squid, salmon, krill,plankton, mussel, oyster and brine shrimp proteins, coupled withfish oil and spirulina algae, it sounds like a full-course meal in every pinch.

    For breeders out there, a new Egg Rocker may be the perfect addition to your arsenal - specifically for mouth brooders like Banggai and Cardinal fish. It purports to improve hatch rates and looks easy to dial in for gentle tumbling or "rocking." It can stand in the aquarium or be secured with a suction cup bracket to one wall of the tank if desired.

    We already know about the NeoTherm heaters, which we reviewed previously on Reef Addicts. The brand new Easy-Therm should be a welcome addition, priced competitively. Heaters come in difference wattages from 25 watts to 200 watts, and the estimated retail price will range from $45 to $60 we're told. Unbreakable, these flat heaters will fit most anywhere and have an 'easy' dial to set and lock the desired temperature point. And we love the three year warranty!

    The Nano-Flow propeller pump should be a hit with those small aquariums, although the holder can handle up to 3/4" glass (that's one heck of a nano tank!). If you want to move 686gph with 4 watts of electricity, this little guy will eliminate those dead spots in the display.

    If you run the E-X-T canister filter, the new anti-Nitrate and GFO-laden filter sponges are now available to help keep water parameters in check without needing to deal with other medias. These are much easier to swap out.

    Expect these products to appear at your local fish store soon. Let us know how your livestock responds to the new choices, but we'd expect they'll be quite happy considering the other Cobalt goods already being used in aquariums across the nation.