• MASNA Scholarship Applications for 2014

    Every year, MASNA (the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America) takes applications for budding marine biologists. If this is your desired field of expertise, MASNA may select you to be one of two recipients for a $4000 Student Scholarship. For 2014, one will be awarded to a college undergraduate student, the other to a college graduate student. Three well-respected companies are generously sponsoring the program.

    If you, or someone you know, is interested in the marine sciences, you have until June 20th, 2014 to submit your paperwork and possibly be selected for this year's scholarship. There are a few hoops you'll have to jump through, naturally. Everything you need to know is provided on the MASNA website, including a FAQ and the application itself: http://www.masna.org/aboutmasna/masnascholarship.aspx

    Be sure to read over the requirements, because you may already meet eligibility and merely need to get your information submitted by the due date. And more importantly, if you are selected then we want to get some updates from you from time to time that we can share with the rest of the Reef Addicts. You knew that was coming...

    Yes, we are going to want pictures too.