• Reports from Thailand from a Reef Addict

    Jessica, known from our podcasting days on ReefAddicts, is currently enjoying her vacation. Spending time diving in Thailand, she and her friend Ashley have been editing some wonderful SCUBA videos for us to experience as well. Thanks Jessy!

    This is a compilation of our first two dives in Thailand! I know this is out of order and Indo dives should come first but there is just too many to edit right now. Thailand was a lot harder to shoot, stronger currents and much lower visibility. Hope you all enjoy!

    Diving at Phi Phi island, we saw beauty everywhere. Anemones, fish, sea fans and invertebrates. The weather was spectacular, and our dive guides took great care of us. Hammers, eels, starfish - we had a blast in a corridor where I could have spent hours and been perfectly happy there. One anemone was 6' across - but the clowns were so big you can't tell the scale of it. Wow!

    It's pretty awesome to see our favorite fish and coral species in their natural habitat, and unlike typical SCUBA divers we often know exactly what we're looking at thanks to all our research when stocking our reef tanks.