• MACNA 2016

    MACNA is heading west for the first time in a very long time. I believe the last time it was in California, it was MACNA VIII. 18 or 19 years later, the San Diego Marine Aquarium Society secured the bid for 2016's Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. The link to the new website is: http://macnaconference.org/2016/

    MACNA is the place to be for all serious hobbyists, but it welcomes those that are new to the hobby. There is no other place you'll get this type of education in three days. Over 20 speakers present a number of topics from beginner to expert, and if that's not enough, over 140 vendors have their wares on display for you to peruse each day. Ask questions of anyone, and you'll get those answered.

    I've attended MACNA annually since 2002, and highly recommend it to any hobbyist. It's where I learned much of what I know and share to this day. Matter of fact, this year's MACNA is in Washington D.C. in less than two weeks, from September 4th to 6th. If you're attending, be sure to say hi to me. I'll be in a black Melev's Reef/Reefaddicts shirt wandering around the vendors hall. Here's the link to MACNA 2015: http://macnaconference.org/2015/

    If you don't attend this year's event, make plans NOW to attend next year's MACNA in San Diego. The weather will be perfect, and the camaraderie is contagious. You may meet others that you know online, and can make new friends as well. Then when you attend the following MACNA, you can look forward to seeing those friends and catch up on everything.

    Plus you can buy gear and livestock, and if you're lucky win some stuff in the raffles. Here's the San Diego Press Release: http://macnaconference.org/2016/wp-c...ss-Release.pdf

    See you there!