• Sea Seed Coral Farming in Okinawa Japan

    The only time I think of Okinawa is because Mr. Miyagi (The Karate Kid trilogy) movie mentioned it way back in the 1980s. When I spotted some reef-worthy pictures from Okinawa in a facebook group, I was immediately impressed. A coral farm in Japan is right up my alley.

    Mike Kirkpatrick was nice enough to share a bunch of images from his recent visit to Sea Seed in Yomitan Village, Japan.

    With a little Googling, I found mention about how Sea Seed has been growing corals in their saltwater pond area. These are later planted back on the natural reefs to help protect the island. Saltwater comes from the sea, so the corals are constantly provided ideal conditions. One article stated 65,000 corals have been planted from the efforts of the staff and volunteers at this facility that they built with their own hands. Tourism allows people to see the corals without the need for dive gear, and is quite family friendly with touch tanks filled with invertebrates. Well worth a visit for anyone that loves what the ocean holds.

    Sea Seed - http://okinawahai.com/seaseed/
    Sea Seed Coral Spawning - http://okinawaclip.com/en/detail/162
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