• Visiting ORA for a brief tour

    Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to visit ORA - Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums - to see what goes on in their breeding and aquaculture facility. While most of their complex is off-limits for photography, I did get permission to share a small portion with you. Dustin Dorton, president of ORA, was kind enough to narrate and answer some of my questions.

    ORA is based in Fort Pierce, Florida, and operates seven days a week caring for corals, fish, & invertebrates. They sell tank-raised (aquacultured) livestock to fish stores around the world, not to the public. Raising thousands of clams from eggs in the Marshall Islands, you'll see hundreds of them in this video.

    Their website: www.ORAfarm.org
    About the coral / fish: http://www.orafarm.com/about/ora/
    About the clam farm: http://www.orafarm.com/about/mimf/