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    by Published on 01-31-2010 01:39 PM
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    The idea of keeping jellyfish is not necessarily a new one. The specialized tanks, life support equipment and the main food sources have also been around since the 1960ís. So, why donít we see them all over the place? Why is it there are only a handful of companies over the past 50 years that deal with jellyfish in some way?

    The challenge through the years in bringing jellyfish to the ornamental fish marketplace has been threefold; a consistent supply of jellyfish, user friendly and functional plankton kreisels and life support systems that donít make the hobbyist want to pull their hair out in frustration, and an easily obtained, administered and nutritional food source. Of course, there will always be those who wish to tinker with and modify their systems with the utmost of joy and glee on their faces as they do it! Those folks also enjoy growing and making their own food sources for their aquatic buddlies. However, when trying to bring any of the specialized animals like the scyphozoan jellyfish Aurelia aurtia, Aurelia labiata (the moon jellyfish species) and Chrysaora fuscescens (West Coast Sea Nettle) to the marketplace, things need to be more turn key and easily accessible for the market to establish itself positively and, in turn, grow.
    by Published on 01-27-2010 01:00 PM
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    Keeping tradition of bringing you awesomely fun things to do and read, we thought we'd offer up a bit of enjoyment to distract you on this day. Whatever you may be doing, take a pause, and give Reef Addicts a call. Leave a message on our answering machine. If we like it, we add it to our podcast. Simple as that. Be creative, be funny, and be inventive. You can say whatever you'd like, be it monologue, dialogue, or ballad. Keep in mind that we will use it at our own discretion. We probably won't be using profanity or raunchy messages. Leave those at your own risk, or preferably not at all. But, do understand that whatever you say is being recorded and can be used by Reef Addicts any way we deem necessary. So don't say anything you wouldn't want your mother, your wife, or little Johnny hearing at some point.
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    Hi Dru,

    Yes, they will add more heat since they uses more wattage, but the pendants do a great job of keeping the heat above the tank and off the water's surface. They hang up higher so you don't have to worry about direct heat transfer, owing to the glass shield and vent slits in the painted housing.

    One or two IceCap 120mm fans blowing across the surface will easily keep the aquarium chiller-free, with very low wattage use. You'll want to put those fans on a timer to turn them on for the exact amount of hours needed, and no longer. Otherwise the tank may run too ...
    by Published on 01-02-2010 01:59 AM
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    Hi Cody,

    I'm worried that when you try to support the tank on the 2x4 boards, there is a risk of them rolling and thus the tank may topple. It is just too risky to think you can manage to keep everyone's strength equal and those boards even so that the tank will stay stable.

    That being said, I hear you on the problem. I have some ideas that might work:

    Set up a temporary stand, such as a solid surface on sawhorses or on four salt buckets. Remove all the water and livestock, transferring those to a clean & rinsed trashcan. Two people can move the trashcan ...

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