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    by Published on 04-03-2013 08:12 PM
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    When I read the news article on ReefBuilders today regarding the most recent decisions made by NOAA for the Endangered Species Act, I quickly grew concerned. We are being asked, all of us, to take a few minutes to sign a petition and state your concerns if it goes through as written. http://reefbuilders.com/2013/04/03/r...coral-listing/

    Can you imagine it being illegal to share this easy to grow coral?

    My own thoughts are from a hobbyist's perspective, as I've enjoyed sharing corals with others for well over a decade. If what I read was true, this could all change. This is very concerning, thus I shared my thoughts:

    Are our corals endangered? Yes, we ...
    by Published on 08-02-2012 11:53 PM
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    Kate Rawlinson contacted me two days ago with news that Amakusaplana acroporae (we called them AEFW) have finally been discovered in nature. This is the first step in determining a possible point of origin as well as to hopefully find a suitable predator to remove them from our precious corals.

    Much research has been poured into understanding this tiny pests that have devoured gorgeous Acroporid reefs in aquariums across the Unite States, but the people involved are few. Kate has been very generous with what she's discovered thus far, and is always looking for anyone to supply ...
    by Published on 07-29-2012 02:26 AM
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    If you are attending MACNA, a new Referral Contest starts now and runs through August 21, 2012. The idea is to get your friends and club members to attend MACNA this fall with you. For every person you refer that buys a pass, you get one point. If you get the most points, you get a Mp40w ES pump. If you get 50 people, you'll get TWO Vortechs.

    Anyone that gets at least one person to register will be entered to win an Mp10w ES. Everyone gets a chance.

    If you are in a club, help spread the word. Post up on your ...
    Published on 07-26-2012 01:45 AM
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    The Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado prides itself on introducing new ideas, or reinventing ideas to try and better our club and our hobby at large. We pride ourselves on better educating our members to help properly care for the animals that we house. We typically do this through home meetings, meetings at local fish stores, and by bringing in experts to give seminars to our club members.

    One great example of how we keep science in the forefront is our annual MASC Science Fair Competition. In the beginning the board of directors of MASC just wanted to do something fun ...
    by Published on 05-11-2012 02:11 PM
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    Starting Saturday May 12, this six part series should entertain most saltwater hobbyists.

    Venture Beneath the Surface as New Nat Geo WILD Series Takes Viewers
    Into the Rough Waters of Extreme Fish Tank Building

    Fish Tank Kings Premieres Saturday, May 12, at 10PM ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD

    More than 1,000 fish swim around a 15-ft. tall acrylic cylinder that rises from the floor of a movie starís Beverly Hills foyer. In a high-rise NYC condo, a young CEO has a 5,000-gallon fish tank installed in his floor so that on his way to the bathroom he can literally walk on water. A rock star in Miami has exotic fish follow him all over his mega-mansion, thanks to the fish superhighway that connects three massive tanks together on three different floors. Extreme fish aquariums have become the ultimate status symbol, and the people who are on the cutting edge are in high demand. The series highlights the science of aquarium keeping and takes you behind the scenes look into several of the countryís most prestigious public aquariums and aquaculture facilities.
    by Published on 05-11-2012 12:51 AM
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    DFWMACNA presents...

    Jean-Michel Cousteau
    brought to you by Seachem

    With DFWMAS hosting this yearís MACNA (the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America), we have the unique opportunity to make it memorable. Each year, the host club tries to raise the bar, and we are doing that this September.

    Saturday night during the gala dinner, the keynote speaker educates & entertains (edu-tains?) the audience for about an hour. Over the years, divers, photographers, aqua-culturers, film-makers and authors have all spoken. What could top those previous experiences? Who was uniquely qualified? We wanted a big name, someone epic, and ...
    by Published on 03-17-2012 02:00 AM
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    I recently discovered that MASNA has made a big effort to help correct the misinformation being promulgated to the detriment of the future of our hobby. Here's the facebook page; be sure to "like" it to stay in the loop.


    In a few days, Ret Talbot is going to be speaking on behalf of the industry. Another group hopes to stop the entire event on March 20, 2012. Here's their plea:

    We in turn should also contact Dr. Malia Chow to encourage that such discussions continue rather than be silenced. You can email ...

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