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  1. When you hook up a calcium reactor, you fill it up with ARM (aragonite reactor media). This comes in various brands, like Caribsea, Tropic Eden, etc. The CO2 gas will drop the pH in the reactor, resulting in the media melting to dose alkalinity and calcium into the water.

    Additionally, you may need to dose magnesium from time to time. That is done by hand, as needed. In the past, I dosed it about 3 times a year. With my current setup and the brand of salt I use, I've never needed to dose Mg in the past 1.5 years.
  2. Hi Melev, i am going to be buying a calcium reactor with our income tax. I wanted to know is what do i dose or how should i dose for magnesium. As well is this is my first calcium reator i have ever used.
  3. Hi Melev. I was wondering where do you purchase the Biospheres from? What website do i go to?
  4. ok thx very much i do appreciate it.
  5. You can find rigid airline tubing at Petco and Petsmart for about $1 a stick.
  6. hi i was wondering where can i purchase the straight tubing for diy dosers? the tubing u attach the air line to and it goes downto the bottom of the 1 gal. jug?
    I was wondering cuz i want to make my own diy doser.
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