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Tropic Eden sand - my favorite kind.

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I've been using Tropic Eden sand in my tank for the past couple of years. It is super clean stuff and looks great, which works nicely for those that need to add more sand from time to time to an existing reef. I wrote up an article about just that:

So when it was time to get more sand for the new 400g, I didn't hesitate to order more. I like Tonga Reeflake because it doesn't blow around in the flow generated by the Vortech pumps. My son brought the boxes into the fishroom for me, and today I added it to the reef tank.

Each box holds two 30 lb bags of dry sand, which is pre-rinsed to reduce cloudiness in the water.

Looking at the bag in the tank, you'd quickly realize it'll take quite a bit to get a 4" deep sand bed (DSB).

The easiest way to pour these out is to take a utility knife and slice open the plastic bag the full width of the packaging.

Then flip it over, fold the bag in half and pour out the sand.

It took 16 bags of sand to get close to what I wanted, depth-wise. That's 480 lbs. I still have packages of Tropic Eden Live Sand ready to add later when the saltwater is in the tank.

All that pretty sand needed to be inspected closely.

He seemed to like it.

He was very thorough, checking every square inch.

I'm pretty sure he was mocking Spock right here.

And then he was gone, leaving only paw prints behind.

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  1. Sisterlimonpot's Avatar
    Did you discard all the old sand from the other tank?
  2. FabRight's Avatar
    A very rare air breathing rabbit fish?
  3. Blown76mav's Avatar
    I bet he was thinking "Look at this giant litter box".....
  4. Spock's Avatar

  5. melev's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Sisterlimonpot
    Did you discard all the old sand from the other tank?
    No, but I have it in buckets. I think I have six buckets of used sand here.

    Quote Originally Posted by FabRight
    A very rare air breathing rabbit fish?
    He's a Sea Hare!

    Quote Originally Posted by Blown76mav
    I bet he was thinking "Look at this giant litter box".....
    There's a reason why his inspection wasn't long term.
  6. Jessy's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Spock

  7. syedjilani's Avatar
    Now melev start to keep rabbit instead of reef tank. hahahahahaah

    Now people will ask him advance advice about rabbits not reef fishes and tanks...
  8. NightShade's Avatar
    LOL, well at least the tank is getting some kind of use for now. Will be nice to see the reef up and running though. The pics from the outside of the tank really show how clear it all is though.

    LOL, advice about rabbits will probably be joining with a sister site soon. Oh and I think my friends have Marc's bunnies big brother:

    His rabbit's name is Fubar. . . don't know why but he actually walks him around on a leash.
  9. Jnarowe's Avatar
    Looks yummy!
  10. NightShade's Avatar
    ROFL, I don't think some others would agree with that. And rabbit is just not my thing, sorry.
  11. Plantguy's Avatar
    Why did he do it?

    Wild hare up the ***.
  12. Jnarowe's Avatar
    Well, I made wild duck appetizers, wild organic lamb for dinner, along with a World Wide Stout. But I could have enjoy some rabbit too! <urp>
  13. agsansoo's Avatar
    I guess that's another way to cycle you tank ! LOL
  14. Robb in Austin's Avatar
    I'm with Jessy. That might be the single best post on a forum ever.
  15. OneReef's Avatar
    Best sand ever! Its what I use in my tank
  16. mayhem_audio's Avatar
    real question here. i tried to look up and the web site is no more I wanted to contact them direct or research the product more thanks in advance