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My new sump and the silicone project

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The new sump was designed to fit within the steel stand. It is 58" long by 31.5" wide by 17" tall, using 3/8" AcryLite GP.

The layout is simple, with a big skimmer section, an equally large return zone, and a full length refugium. This was the best choice for the equipment I own and the space I had to work with. The sump is sitting on a 3/4" thick sheet of pink foam, which acts as insulation from the concrete floor and keeps the surface very smooth for the acrylic.

The bubble tower will be use the majority of the time, but occasionally I may want to run a filter sock. One sock hanger is built in, purchased from Avast Marine.

You may have noticed the little carport over the two stainer baskets I purchased from To avoid air vortexing into the strainers, I made the removable acrylic cover. And here's where that opening is in the liner.

The external overflow of the new tank had two small gaps with no silicone for some reason, so I thought I'd try to fill them in. It wasn't very easy and I probably didn't improve the situation much, but I tried.

The next part required me to get my feet in the sand. Finally a little fun, right?

The area around the top perimeter of the tank had a small gap between the trim and the eurobracing. When working in the tank, there are times I'll put things down on the edge, and it gets wet. After a while, water drips down the front panel from under the trim. By siliconing this gap, I hope to avoid that.

Believe it or not, squeezing out a tiny bead of silicone out of a squeeze tube took me almost 40 minutes to do the three sides of the tank.

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  1. Jnarowe's Avatar
    Nice work Marc.