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Tying up loose ends

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Bobby finally had a little time to come over and I put him to work. I needed a number of things resolved or completed.

Two outlets in my home were flakey with bad connections, so he swapped those out.

The AquaController 3 had stopped communicating with all the x-10 modules in the sump area, and he had the tool to replace the phone jack connectors on the wiring to the kind that fit the sockets correctly. All four were replaced to get a good connection, and now the x-10s are working again. Something strange did happen though, the command module seemed to not send out any signals. The cure apparently was to plug the wire from the AC3 directly to the module to send a few signals. It's like it rebooted the module, because thereafter it started working as it should. Perhaps it was stuck in some strange loop due to a recent power fluctuation. Glad it is fixed.

The floor drain is now finally tied in and is usable. I can't believe it took three months to get this done, but now it is. It wasn't too bad a project, but had I thought ahead when the french drain was installed, it could have been easier.

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The challenge was how plumbing connects to smaller pipe. The reducing effect always puts the plumbing in the center of the previous piece, creating a liquid level issue within the fittings. My concern was that the water would have to rise up higher to exit out into the next pipe, causing issues with how the floor drain would flow. Fortunately, we were able to make this work with only one spot holding a minimal amount of water.

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To avoid wind blowing back up the pipe, as well as to reduce any kinds of curious pests from entering via the drain line, I purchased 5' of flat drain. Water drains out and lifts the rubber to exit, and then the drain collapses back down, basically sealing itself nicely.

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Water will run down the driveway.

We also got the generator quick-connect installed this evening. I have to pick up some fuses for it tomorrow to test if it works correctly.

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I was annoyed that this little box didn't come with the fuses, nor state on the package fuses would be needed. It was only after Home Depot was closed that we discovered why it wasn't working as expected.

Once it has been tested successfully, I'll do a blog entry explaining how I'll use it.

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  1. Mostly Rock's Avatar
    You could have used a bell reducer instead of the bushing reducer, but in the plumbing world, reducing the pipe-size isn't usually acceptable, we like to go from smaller to larger, it keeps stoppages from occurring as frequently and it makes it easier to repair when stoppages do occur. You could also have used a p-trap to keep the wind and pests out of your fish room, either at the drain (the preferred method) or at the end of the line where it exits the building, like an A/C condensate drain.
  2. maroun.c's Avatar
    Any reason for using X10s instead of the regular power bars?
    I was consdiering them at a certain period jsut because the Aquacontroller Power bars didn't come in 220V 50HZ we have here however the issue of them being affected by magnetic field, Lightning and electrical cables close by made me disregard them. Any backup for them in case they go wrong while you're away?
  3. melev's Avatar
    I don't know what a bell reducer looks like, but I'll google that. Thanks, Mostly Rock.

    Maroun.c - I've used x-10 modules for the past 7 years. Sometimes they can get a little aggravating, but for the most part they've worked for me. My backup are more x-10 modules. I have a few more left. I'm using the DC-8 for all the lights. If I got a second one, I could do the same with all the stuff I'm controlling in the sump area (refugium light, heaters, Skimmer Swabbie, and now frag tank lights).
  4. Bobbywade's Avatar
    Took long enough to get that guy to finish the work!!!
    You have a bell reducer in the garage mark it was the piece you handed me that looks kinda like a funnel!! lol Hurry up and hook up the generator so I can see if I have to file an insurance claim!!! lol JK
    But as always cookies, sweet tea and pizza is always good!!
  5. SaltCritters's Avatar
    Love the X10's but they sure can be a pain. Mine randomly stop working also and i have to Unplug them for a while or Shut the power off to the house for a while (much easier). I don't trust them for anything super important like Heaters and main pumps.