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OK thats all I can say for now just AWESOME thats what the 2011 MACNA was ,, I met some great folks ,, made some new friends ,, and got lots of pics to post when im not so tired LOL I think we spent every waking moment the last 3 days eating sleeping and living MACNA ,, im already looking forward to next year ,,,,

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Updated 09-13-2011 at 08:37 PM by melev

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  1. melev's Avatar
    I'm glad you attended. Did you sign up for DFWMACNA yet? The price is dirt cheap and won't stay that way long.

    I'm wiped out myself, but have to do the presentation at our DFWMAS club meeting tomorrow night. Another night in a yellow shirt.
  2. yankieman's Avatar
    Hi Marc it was very nice meeting you in person i am going to sign up for DFWMACNA in a few days so we definatly will be coming to your back yard ,,I bet you are tired after that weekend as busy as you was , i ENJOYED both of you talks very much , im more of a blue shirt guy myself LOL have a good one ,,,
  3. yankieman's Avatar
    All signed up see you in Dallas