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DFWMACNA's teaser trailer video

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This is what was shown Saturday night at the gala in Des Moines.

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Updated 09-15-2011 at 04:04 PM by melev

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  1. partman1969's Avatar
    Almost thought it was a Droid commercial.
  2. Hat39406's Avatar
    For some reason I can't even see it here on my iPhone, but I already seen it somewhere else. Are they reefers or actors, Marc? Do you know? Was just wondering. It is a very cool video.
  3. melev's Avatar
    If it is flash based, it won't run on Apple products like the iPhone and iPad. It should work fine on a iMac. I can't seem to make it larger though.

    The actors were part of the videography company we hired. They did an excellent job, shooting a bunch of new footage for this look and feel.
  4. DJ in WV's Avatar
    how soon should you make reservations for the hotel, wife and i are planning on going to this one
  5. melev's Avatar
    You can reserve it now. The hotel is ready to accept reservations. What's time sensitive right now is registering for the event.
  6. rarelyseriousb's Avatar
    My wife and I are already registered. So excited. I hope that dollar margarita statement is true because I will be getting hammered then. wo wo fish and booze
  7. DJ in WV's Avatar
    whats the cost per people for the event
  8. melev's Avatar
    The full conference price is currently $85 per person. This includes all three days, the reception-not-to-be-missed and the gala banquet. All the vendors, all the speakers, and tons of fun in a tidy price.
  9. DJ in WV's Avatar
    one more important thing whats cost of a jager bomb in dfw have to plan for spending cash
  10. melev's Avatar
    I have no idea. I drink Crown Royal.