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DFWMACNA - the price is about to go up.

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To the right of this screen is a giant $85. That's the current price for attending all three days of MACNA next year.

On our club's site, we have a good discussion going on. You might want to read it to understand why it's worthy:

This one entry by Drew is the one I wanted to point out:

Based on Macna 2011, this is what people with Full Passes got for their money.

Friday, arrive and get a goodie bag. The bag had 10 % off lighting, and 15% off other goods at the show. It includes a full color program of all the events and speaker bios. Also included was a free fish towel, and some other misc goods.
Walking into the vendor hall, you almost instantly got a free shirt from SeaChem. A few steps further and Dr. Fosters and smith were handing out goody bags that included foods, coupons, magazines, and again a t-shirt.

It takes at least a whole day to get thru the entire hall, but most-likely you'll walk away with a stomach ache from the free candy, around 6-7 T-shirts, a box of corals, and a handful of raffle tickets.

Friday night you will attend the reception. We will have an open bar, yes I said it, and open Bar. With some type of food, TBD, and casino games. Like some blackjack, Roulette, and craps. With your winnings from the tables, you can enter into raffles for prizes just available to those attending Friday night.

If you stay later on Friday night, there will most-likely be some sort of goings on in the bar, or in one of the hotel rooms.
Saturday is similar to Friday. More samples, pictures of nice new items, buying some more corals, and maybe some Marco Rock. Saturday night is the banquet, where everyone that attended this year walked away with a brand new Limited Edition LED light, courtesy of Marineland, and not available until spring of 2012. Plus you get a nice meal, some drinks, and usually a world renowned speaker. Again, if you stick around for an after party, I'm sure you'll find some people in the bar or at a local hangout, talking reef.

Sunday is a great day to wind down. But if you've attended Friday or Saturday, you definitely want to be there for Sunday. That's when the raffle takes place. This isn't your every day raffle, it's got Tens of thousands of dollars worth of items donated by all our great sponsors and vendors. It usually last about 4 hours, so get ready and Win.

One thing I didn't touch on above was over 25 hours of some of the Best speakers and most knowledgeable reef keepers from around the world.
So if you are still wondering why I keep pushing for you to attend, is because I want you to have just as much fun. Sign up right now at and then for the next 10 months, stick $60 in an envelope. That way when it is getting close to that time, you won't be worried about being able to afford it. You'll have $600 saved up, and your entrance will already have been paid for.

The price goes up to $109 on October 1, so I strongly urge you to not delay.

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  1. dahenley's Avatar
    Im glad you posted! i am a member of DFW, but procrastinated, and saw this.... and just purchased 2 tickets (the wife said if i go, she goes... ITS A DEAL!!)
    Macna bound!!
  2. melev's Avatar
    Good - glad to hear it!