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Can you over skim a reef aquarium?

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I am still in the middle of purchasing equipment for my 195 build, and also moving in with my girlfriend. I have a 195 gallon DT and in basement I will be having a
48 x 24 x 18 tall sump working with about 50 gallon constant capable of holding 85 gallons along with a separate 90 gallon as a Refugium. I am planning on purchasing a super reef octopus 6000 ext protein skimmer, used for tanks up to 600 gallons. Would I be safe or would I be over skimming? If I am over skimming would that be bad? In future I would like to add a frag tank to this filter as well. Any thought on this please feel free to tell me.

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  1. melev's Avatar
    It's way too much skimmer. I would look for one that is rated for 300g, tops. The display tank may be rated for 195g, but that is probably using outside dimensions. Add sand and rock, and the displacement of water will pretty much add up to what water is in the sump. The 90g refugium technically shouldn't be skimmed, although that water is part of a closed system so it will be affected by the filtration.

    Even adding in a frag tank isn't all that much to be concerned about. When I set up the 400g, I contacted Euroreef to discuss the continued use of my skimmer on the larger body of water. Since it was a new setup with a small bioload initially, we agreed it should do the job for the time being but I might need to upgrade later. A year later, the tank had over 65 fish and a lot of coral, but the skimmer had no problem keeping up. That skimmer has been used on the 280g, a 400g, and currently skims the 215 while waiting for the 400g to return.

    A skimmer that is too big usually won't be able to collect enough proteins in the water to create a foam head. Why spend that much money only to find it out it was a bad purchase?
  2. Alaska_Phil's Avatar
    There's also the theory that over skimming will remove too much of bacteria and micro organizms that corals feed on. However, I havn't seen a lot of hard evidence to support that theory.
  3. Articfox32's Avatar
    Thanks Marc, that's great advice.
    I still want to stay with a super reef octopus. I have to go with an exturnal but all they have is a Sri 2000 for up to 250 gallons or a sro 3000 for up to 400 gallon. Would the 400 still be to big?
  4. melev's Avatar
    I'd probably stick with the 3000. I was considering the 5000 for my reef if the Euroreef wasn't going to cut it. I know you are planning to have a lot of satellite tanks, but the main one is still less than 200g.

    Note: Please make sure your sump can handle all the combined water that would drain down in a power outage, including water in the skimmer and other reactors.
  5. Articfox32's Avatar
    I was researching about skimmers last night, and came across a lot of web site that are saying that the gallon amount that the skimmers are rate for is for a fish only tank and that if its going to be put in a reef tank then the amount is cut in half. Does this spun right. I emailed reef octopus an asked them about it as well. Waitin to hear be back from them. If that's the case my reef octopus 6 rate for 120 gallons is only suppose to be on a 60 gallon reef tank. With the excepting of what the coral am fish load is.
    Marc when i get the filter room done i post some pics. Naming on having the sump above the refuge letting the water gravity feed into it before getting skimmed and adding a back up tank next to the refuge with a bulkhead fitting to plumb so if the power or pump goins out and drainage happened it can gravity feed into reserve tank.
  6. melev's Avatar
    That's different - sounds like you'll need a bigger refugium to deal with the water, since the sump will drain down in a power outage.

    I think your skimmer question has been answered. I don't agree with the fish-only premise - too many reef keepers use that brand for me to believe that's a F.O. rating.

    You need to update your profile pic. It's gone.
  7. Alaska_Phil's Avatar
    I've heard that about skimmers and reefs before too. I think it applies maily to the cheaper skimmers, like my old back Pak. I know some of the higher end skimmers will give ratings for Fish only, soft coral and stony coral tanks now.
  8. Articfox32's Avatar
    Thnx guys. You all have great looking tanks and I will probably be getting a sro 3000 external. Thanks for the advice.
  9. Alaska_Phil's Avatar
    FYI My great looking tank has been without a skimmer since September.
  10. melev's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Alaska_Phil
    FYI My great looking tank has been without a skimmer since September.
    Time for a picture update, no?
  11. Alaska_Phil's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by melev
    Time for a picture update, no?
    Indeed. Maybe I'll work on that this weekend, after the water change.