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The 195 build

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Hello everyone. I am almost done with my 195 build and going to be ordering the live sand and salt to start mixing. I just ordered 195lbs of dry pukani rock for the DT. I am looking for some advice on what's the best way to kick start the cycling? I am think about putting all rock on trash can with salt water for a couple weeks to test phosphate to see if any is leaching out of the rock and if necessary add gfo to absorb any. I have a 60 gallon cube in filter room to hold rock as well. Since I am using all dry rock and live sand what is the best way to seed the new rock? When tank is running I will post pictures for the new tank and filter room.
any advice would be helpful, thanks everyone.

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  1. melev's Avatar
    Long time ArticFox. Glad to hear you are coming back with pictures soon.

    You can definitely soak the rock in water and I'm pretty sure you'll end up with a PO4 reading. If you have the rock in a system that can house a protein skimmer, you could use Phosphate Rx to export the GFO into the collection cup. If you don't have that, a 100micron filter sock would do the job. Place a pump with tubing in the barrel of rock, add Phosphate Rx to the water. Point the tubing into the filter sock and let it run overnight. The filter sock should trap the particulates. is what I use.