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195 Update

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It has been a long time since i have updated my build. Before starting a lot has happened over the last year and a half. I have changed jobs, welcomed our new addition to my family with a handsome son and moved into my fiances home.
Since spring i have built a 9 by 9 foot filter room in the basement where all of my equipment is at. For my tank equipment I went with 3 ecotech radion pros, 2 vortech mp40's, reef octopus xp3000 ext skimmer, bubble magnus dosing pump, tunzes ato, dart return pump plumbed to add a second return pump for a back up. Heating the tank I went with using a recirc pump added to my hot water tank with coiled pex tubing on a digital therostate. I built a 2 ft by 4 ft sump which partially drains below into a 60 gallon live rock sump then into the refugium and returned back to the sump.

For the tank I went with 120lbs live medium grade sand with about 150 lbs of dry pukani rock. My fish include my 9 year old clown with another 3 year old clown, blue hippa tang, sailfin tank,lawnmower blenny, diamond watchman goby. corals incluse neon yellow candy cane, 2 ora birds of paradise, aussie torch started with 1 head and now have 9 heads, wall hammer coral, xenia, 5 head blue hornet zoas, had one big ora birds nest wich started dying in my cube so i fragged it into 6 pieces.

My water parameters are
calcium 420
alkalinity 8.1 dkh
magnesium 1380
ph 8.31
phosphate 0.0
nitrate 0.0
nitrite 0.0
ammonia 0.0
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  1. melev's Avatar
    Nice to hear from you again, Articfox. I think you could do a blog entry just describing everything in your fishroom and how it works, as well as a blog just about the hot water system you installed.
  2. Aquarius Marinus's Avatar
    +1! Your equipment room looks amazing, and I too am interested in your heating system. I am in the planning phases of a basement equipment room build, I'd love to see more information about yours.